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Cyprus Tech and Finance Recruitment Specialists

Emerald Zebra Ltd is a niche Tech and Finance sector recruitment consultancy in Cyprus. EZ exists to service the financial and technology sector jobs market across Cyprus and beyond. Its inception is in response to the ongoing attraction and facilitation of foreign direct investment in key economic areas in Cyprus, as well as the promotion of Cyprus as a world class investment destination and tech hub.

Founded by the renowned recruitment specialist, Donna Stephenson, the EZ team is skilled and experienced in attracting candidates both locally and globally for employment opportunities (remote, hybrid or based onsite) in Cyprus.

Tech and Finance Sector Recruitment

A Tech and Finance recruitment business is not a complicated undertaking; the requirements are extremely simple: a client needs to find the ideal person to fit a tech or finance job that has become available. In order to find that person, they need a recruiter they can trust to do three things extremely well:

Firstly, to have an extensive network of contacts in Cyprus and beyond of those who are looking for a fresh challenge and a career in the tech or finance sector. Secondly, the recruiter must have a finely tuned sense of ‘what makes a person tick’, along with an equally astute understanding of the culture of their client’s enterprise. 

Last but not least, the recruitment consultant needs to use interview skills to match the candidate with the job and the new environment. Only when these three things are performed properly will the client receive the CV of their potential new rising star.

This process becomes an art form when executed perfectly. Emerald Zebra’s founder has used that very method in recruiting her own recruitment team; because a recruitment consultancy is only as good as the people within it; their aptitudes, contacts and sharp instincts. 

The Emerald Zebra Recruitment Team

We specialise in finding experts within tech and finance; finding people who understand what their employers’ customers need. Our candidates need to be 100% aligned for a job, or we won’t put them forward until the shoe definitely fits.

Emerald Zebra’s slightly unusual name comes from finding those who don’t hide in a herd, those who achieve, those who get noticed. Anyone would agree that an emerald zebra would be an outstanding creature; which is why Emerald Zebra recruit outstanding people. The people employers want to keep.  

Whether you are an outstanding employee looking for a new challenge in Cyprus, or an employer looking for that exceptional person, contact us today. You’ll soon find out how we earned our stripes

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