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Emerald Zebra Relocation Services

Cyprus relocation and immigration services

#Cyprus issues 7,000 work visas. The president of the national investment promotion agency Invest Cyprus Evgenios Evgeniou on Wednesday said Cyprus’ policy of granting tax incentives to foreign techno... read more...

Emerald Zebra Jobs

New Brand Identity for Emerald Zebra Recruitment

#talent is like a gemstone: it takes a master jeweller to cut the glory to let it shine and place it in the best suitable setting. This is precisely what we do at Emerald Zebra. We help outstanding pe... read more...

Cyprus FinTech Summit

Cyprus FinTech Summit

Tomorrow is the Cyprus FinTech Summit and I’ll be attending along with the Emerald Zebra - Tech, FinTech & Finance Jobs in Cyprus Team members Marie Pavlou (MSc - ACyHRMA- ABNLP) , Sam Macaron . Meet ... read more...

Emerald Zebra Team

Team Anniversary, Terri Neofitou, Emerald Zebra Cyprus

WOW - Terri Neofitou today is your one-year work anniversary here at Emerald Zebra - Tech, FinTech & Finance Jobs in Cyprus ! Your unique way of working with clients and candidates is exemplary! It ha... read more...

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