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New Brand Identity for Emerald Zebra Recruitment

#talent is like a gemstone: it takes a master jeweller to cut the glory to let it shine and place it in the best suitable setting. This is precisely what we do at Emerald Zebra. We help outstanding pe... read more...

Cyprus FinTech Summit

Cyprus FinTech Summit

Tomorrow is the Cyprus FinTech Summit and I’ll be attending along with the Emerald Zebra - Tech, FinTech & Finance Jobs in Cyprus Team members Marie Pavlou (MSc - ACyHRMA- ABNLP) , Sam Macaron . Meet ... read more...

How to make your CV attractive to human recruiters and bots!

My tips: How to make your #CV attractive to human recruiters and bots! ✅ Make sure your CV, cover letter, and application match the job description. Do not underestimate the importance of #keywords , ... read more...

Attracting and Retaining Top Technology Employees

Attracting and Retaining Top Technology Employees in Cyprus

With the world becoming ever-more reliant on information technology and AI in every walk of life, it stands to reason that more techies are needed to keep everything running for the rest of us. From e... read more...

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