( Cyprus Fact: Digital Nomads, work-life integration.

Cyprus Fact: Digital Nomads, work-life integration.

Posted 4/7/2021 by Donna Stephenson, Founder, Emerald Zebra, Cyprus Jobs

Cyprus Fact: Digital Nomads, work-life integration.

Cyprus is an ideal location for Digital Nomads due to its economy, culture/lifestyle, immigration laws and attractive taxation system:

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Why you should live and work in Cyprus. 

�� The geographical location of Cyprus forms a bridge between Europe and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). 
�� EU residents can reside and work legally. Non-EU citizens, if fitting the criteria, can obtain work permits or immigration through investment.
�� All of an individual’s income, regardless of where it is earned worldwide, must be subject to the Cyprus taxation scheme as long as the tax payer is non-domiciled (i.e. not born in Cyprus nor lived there continuously for no more than 17 years). Provided that the taxpayer lives in Cyprus for at least 60 days annually, they can benefit from this regime.  

You can join thousands of people who have relocated here to Cyprus, the crossroads of Europe and Asia, with its modern thriving infrastructure of #Telecoms#IT,  #airports  #shipping and  #sunshine

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